The following is a CALL TO ACTION list of current activities or events which needs your support or involvement.  We encourage you to become knowledgeable of the items and to TAKE ACTION.

  • Three Foot Safe Passing:  A Three Feet Safe Passing ordinance is designed to afford protection to those who use our streets and are most vulnerable to injury and death by motor vehicles.  Walkers, joggers, cyclists, motor cycles, lawn workers, handicapped, elderly, children and others are all at risk.  They currently have no legal protection.  A Three Feet Safe Passing ordinance is needed to help insure public safety.Most people don’t know that pedestrians represent over 12% of all traffic related fatalities in the United States. That is over 3,000 killed every year. Over 60,000 vulnerable road users will be hospitalized or receive emergency care this year.Your support is desperately needed to move forward the protection of those among us who are most vulnerable.