Bringing Wellness to the Community

Effective and Engaging Activities Across the Lifespan


Bringing Wellness to the Community

Effective and Engaging Activities for the the community


Helping the the community Become Healthier Through Our Wellness Program


We promote health in the community across the life span by addressing the six elements of health:

  • educational
  • emotional
  • occupational
  • physical
  • social
  • spiritual


There are many theories as to why education will lead to better health behaviors. One reason might be that education raises the individual’s self-awareness, which enhances healthier lifestyles. Healthy individuals contribute to the overall health of the community and the nation in general.



Shape Up Fort Bend promotes health in the community across the lifespan. The Dragon Boat Races provides physical activity in the community population, encourages teamwork and socialization, enhances partnership with the FBISD, and strengthens philanthropy ideals as the money from this activity supports cancer research.

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Nondenominational experience, open-minded views, and respect for human life contribute to wellness and a healthy lifestyle.



Is this you? Do you feel you have gone too far in your head? Did the pandemic fuel suicide attempts among the community ? CDC says that one in four young adults struggle with suicide attempts and seven million adult Americans over the age of 65 experience depression. Suicide behaviors in older adults, 65 and older, is a major public health issue.



Joblessness remains high, and millions report that households did not get enough to eat or can make home payments or help their college student with tuition. Do you need help with your resume, job interview skills, list of available jobs? Physical activity might help to keep you physically healthy but not having a job might contribute to emotional stress so you might need help with the emotional and occupational component in your life to round up a healthy lifestyle.



Shape Up Fort Bend promotes health in the community via many avenues: yoga, biking, dragon boat races, parades, Zumba, walking in the mall, meeting with senior citizens in the nursing home, independent living, schools, and partnering with local businesses.


Tracking the COVID-19 Recession’s Effects on Food, Housing, and Employment Hardships